Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Memento In Motion

It's done and it was so worth the wait .... thank you Alex Wolfe your amazing!

A behind the scenes film of my look book photo shoot!

Film Alex Wolfe
Photography Vicki King
Model Caroline Druitt
Hair and Make-up Hayley Fell MUA

Remember this name and hold this space,

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Rosie Ade

My 'Memento' hand ring was recently styled on the beautiful singer Rosie Ade.

With an amazingly gorgeous voice Rosie was formally a member of 'The Lorelles' the shoot was composed to re-launch herself as a solo artist.

Photographed by Amy Barton and styled by fellow LCF graduate Lydia Freeborn it's safe to say the images are so so pretty.

See some of the images on my website's press page ....

Also be sure to take the time to have a listen to this lovely ladies beautiful singing...

Remember this name and hold this space,

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Let's Talk Some ReelTalk!

Last week I had the almighty pleasure of being asked to be interviewed by online magazine 'ReelTalk'. Sponsored by Paddington arts, this online magazine talks to artistic talent and up and coming artists and designers about their work.

So to my surprise they asked me to go to their office for a chat about my work, my influences and my techniques.

You can see the entire interview both written and video recorded at ....

Its my biggest press interview to date and can't thank the ReelTalk team enough and the lovely Marie-Laure Soue Priso for making me feel so welcome. 

While you browse the ReelTalk site why not search Paddington Arts and find out about all the amazing projects they are currently undertaking.

Remember this name and hold this space,

Thursday, 19 July 2012

New Home

So after three years I finally won the domain name I've wanted all my life ... say hello to my bran-spanking-new website, made by my own fair hands.

Here's a sneaky peak...

 See more, enjoy more at ...

That's right my URL is my name!

So as usual, remember this name and hold this space,


Look who graduated...

two out of three amazing friends I made in my wonderful three years at London College of Fashion....

I can't thank my parents enough for putting up with my craziness, tears, stress, panic attacks and euphoria throughout these years ....

This is not the end, it is only the beginning!

Remember this name and hold this space,

Final Exhibition

One last student showing of my graduate collection at the Jewellery, Acessories and footwear internal exhibition at London College of Fashion's John Princes St. campus...

Oh and look who turned up to have a look around ..... Jimmy Choo ..... now that was exciting!

Remember this name and hold this space,

Monday, 9 July 2012

Hello Future!

Oh my now this is a wonderful compliment!

"...here are my predictions pay close attention to Robert Wun, Lydia Freeborn, and Francesca Smith I will put money on these bright young things being on everyones lips in a few years time."


Read more of this article and see more of the London College of Fashion 2012 show at...

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